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Arizona Sunshine LBVR (horizontal)

Arizona Sunshine Studio Creates Vertigo Arcades Spin-off to Focus on Location-Based VR

Arizona Sunshine – LB VR Edition will launch next month.

Vertigo Games first made its location-based entertainment (LBE) interests known at the start of the year by announcing work on a new version of Arizona SunshineToday the company is taking that idea a step further by revealing a brand new company which will focus its efforts purely on LBE content and distribution, Vertigo Arcades.

Arizona Sunshine screenshot

Vertigo Arcades is a virtual reality (VR) arcade publisher and technology provider aimed at helping VR developers, large-scale VR arcades, and entertainment venues. Via its VR Arcade Suite, a content launcher for free-roaming LBE titles Vertigo Arcades will connect VR developers and VR arcades, whilst supplying an API for integrating a variety of key arcade features like tracking systems, peripherals, spectator and mixed reality functionality.

The platform provides access to Vertigo Games’ Arizona Sunshine and strategy title Skyworld, as well as I-Illusions’ award-winning Space Pirate TrainerIsland 359 by CloudGate Studio, and the upcoming A Fisherman’s Tale by Innerspace VR / ARTE France.

“Vertigo Arcades leverages its existing network of developers and physical footprint to grow the out-of-home VR revenue for our partners,” said Managing Director Richard Stitselaar in a statement. “From developer tools to in-arcade marketing and promotions, we’re working to make this market more accessible for consumers, VR arcades, and VR game developers alike. It’s our belief that larger, warehouse-scale experiences of VR games like Arizona Sunshine – LB VR Edition are a key part of expanding consumer interest and increasing the business viability of VR development.”

Arizona Sunshine screenshot

Developed specifically for large-scale, warehouse, LBE is Vertigo Games’ Arizona Sunshine – LB VR Edition. The untethered experience will launch in August, allowing up to four players to fight their way out of the zombie apocalypse.

Additionally, Vertigo Arcades has entered into a partnership with Nomadic to build a custom LBE VR title based on Arizona Sunshine leveraging Nomadic’s tactile technology to bring the post-apocalyptic world to life at Nomadic locations exclusively starting this fall. For further updates on Vertigo Arcades plans, keep reading VRFocus.

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