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Marvel Powers United VR

Black Bolt gets Vocal in Marvel Powers United VR

There’s only a couple of days to go.

Usually, when it comes to videogames and superheroes the two don’t tend to mix – much in the same way as movie and videogame tie-ins – never quite living up to the awesome promise they claim to deliver. Hopefully those wrongs will be put right this week when Sanzaru Games release long awaited Oculus Rift exclusive Marvel Powers United VR. In the run up to launch VRFocus has released several gameplay videos showcasing some of the characters in action, this time it’s Black Bolt.

Marvel Powers United VR BlackBolt (2)

Black Bolt is the King of a race of beings called Inhumans, and due to his ability is known as the strong silent type. His main superpower other than being strong and having the ability to fly is his voice. It’s so destructive that even a whisper can cause damage, and at full bore can level cities.

Once again VRFocus’ Nina Salomons has taken to the Sakaar Arena to showcase what Black Bolt is capable of. His standard attacks include the concussive shot which can be charged for more devastation, Photon Scatter which looks like a shotgun type ability, Sonic Surge for a targeted leap, the usual super strength and hover flight.

Black Bolt seems to play in similar way to characters like Captain Marvel, able to dash around the arena reigning sonic blasts down upon enemies.

Marvel Powers United VR ActionPose_BlackBolt

Marvel Powers United VR will feature 18 characters to choose from – one of the biggest rosters for any VR title – with the likes of HulkDeadpool, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Crystal, Thor, Spider-Man, Hawkeye, Star-Lord, Gamora, Captain America, Doctor Strange, Wolverine, Iceman and Storm all selectable.

And they’ll have some formidable enemies to face, with Thanos, Loki, Venom, Ultron, Magneto, Dormammu and Ronan the Accuser making an appearance.

A new retail bundle with a special edition Oculus Rift and Touch plus a copy of the videogame will be available at select retailers. Marvel Powers United VR will launch for Oculus Rift this Thursday, 26th July. This gameplay footage was shot at OC4 and is therefore subject to change. For more gameplay videos and updates ahead of launch, keep reading VRFocus.

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