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Cadbury Martians

Cadbury South Africa Launch Four New Chocolates And Augmented Reality Experience

Say hello to the Marian mascots.

If you are keen to enjoy a bit of chocolate now and again you would be aware of the brand Cadbury. Having being founded back in 1824, the company has become a well known global brand. Now the company’s South Africa division is looking to immersive technology for their latest marketing campaign as it leverages augmented reality (AR) to bring some playful character to life.

Cadbury Martians

The campaign introduces four lively characters that can be brought to life in a number of different ways all while enjoying a bar of chocolate. The four Martians each have their own personality and behavior along with their favourite limited edition Cadbury slab. Cupido is full of affection, caring an aura of peace and positivity with a sweet tooth for caramel. Cosmo is the dynamite of the group being full of energy and it is no surprise seeing as their favourite chocolate is coated in biscuits bites and full of colourful candy. Buzz is loud and energetic with a love for crunchy honeycomb and finally Luna is the adventurous thrill-seeker of the group.Always ready for anything they enjoy a good bit of toffee and biscuit.

Thanks to the power of AR technology costumers will be able to not only enjoy the Martian’s favourite bar of chocolate but also bring them to life. By scanning the packaging of your respective chocolate, the character will come to life and start to unleash a load of joy into the world. You can also scan two bars at the same time to double the fun and see what two Martian’s get up to.

Cadbury Martians

For those looking to enjoy the new characters in a more permanent way, Cadbury are also offering costumers the chance to pick up exclusive figurines of each of the Martian’s. Simply buy a few bars of chocolate and collect four stickers from the packaging, placing them onto a promotional pamphlet found in participating stores. Once full, take the pamphlet to a participating petrol station store and pick up a figurine of your choice.

That is not all though as Cabdury will be releasing their very own Cadbury Martian filter for Facebook Stories next week. This will allow users to turn themselves into Cosmo, Buzz, Cupido or Luna and get even closer to the fun. The app that costumers will need to use in order to scan the bars and enjoy the AR Martian’s is available now on iOS and Android. You can see a promotional video below to learn more about the characters and for more on Cadbury’s immersive ventures in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

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