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CCP Games Commercially License Gunjack to Cybercafés and VR Arcades

It’ll only cost arcades $4.99 to license the title.

Last year one of the biggest virtual reality (VR) videogame developers CCP Games made the shock announcement that it was leaving the industry behind, closing studios and refocusing efforts towards standard PC and mobile titles. However, the company hasn’t completely abandoned its VR titles with a new commercial licensing effort for wave-shooter Gunjack.

Originally launched for Samsung Gear VR before being ported to Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR, Gunjack put players in control of a massive gun turret on board a mining vessel in space, tasked with protecting the ship from pirates.

In a tweet today, the studio has confirmed the action-packed arcade shooter is now available for commercial licensing through the Steam PC Cafe programme for VR arcades, Cybercafés, and other public gaming spaces that wish to make the videogame available to their customers.

Commercial enterprises can license Gunjack for $4.99 USD per month. Additionally, the studio has confirmed that: “players without VR headsets at home can now immerse themselves in [Gunjack].

Gunjack - Oculus Rift

This follows on from an announcement earlier this month that saw both sporting title Sparc and space combat experience  EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone become commercially available on license for $34.99 per month and $39.99 per month respectively.

So while CCP Games is still looking to make some money from the commercial side of the VR industry there’s no further news on whether it ever plans on returning to full time VR development. Titles like Sparc and EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone will probably do well as they were two of CCP Games most recent videogames for VR headsets. How well Gunjack will do due to its age is another matter. VRFocus reviewed the title ahead of Oculus Rift’s launch, saying: “Coming in at an entry level price point players will find this quick fun title if they want a break from its bigger brother EVE: Valkyrie, however it would be hard to suggest Gunjack has the same staying power of CCP Games’ blockbuster release.”

If and when CCP Games do reveal any further VR intentions, VRFocus will let you know.

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