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Channel 4 Launches 4VR On Oculus Rift

Channel 4 launches new platform for its VR content, including documentary Grenfell: Our Home.

For many years, UK broadcaster Channel 4 has been cultivating a reputation as the type of broadcaster willing to try different things and go beyond the mainstream. Channel 4 is seeking to cement that reputation with the launch of an Oculus Rift app specifically for its virtual reality (VR) content.

The 4VR app is available for free through the Oculus Store, and will act as the distribution platform for Channel 4 VR content, which speaks to an intention on the part of the company to produce much more immersive content in future.

Regarding what sort of content viewers can expect, Channel 4 were responsible for the commissioning of a VR documentary on the Grenfell Tower fire, a topic which is still very much in the public consciousness and still affecting many lives.

The documentary combines interviews filmed in 360-degrees along with computer animation that explored the daily lives of those who lives in the Grenfell Tower, providing a vivid look at what the survivors of the disaster have lost.

Siobhan Sinnerton, Commissioning Editor added: “Innovation lies at the core of Channel 4’s remit so we are delighted to be exploring new and interesting ways to deliver the very best storytelling, and journalism. We hope this piece will give our audience a truly unique perspective on what the Grenfell community was like before the fire.”

Channel 4 were also involved with the creation of drama Kiss Me First, which explored the use of VR to create entirely new worlds and how the attempt to escape from the harsh realities of the world can lead people down dark paths.

Other shows that viewers can expect to see on the app include a 360-degree version of The Great British Bake Off. VRFocus will be sure to keep you updated on other content coming to the 4VR app.

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