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Beat Saber on PSVR

Check out Footage of Beat Saber on PlayStation VR

The video also showcases the PlayStation VR exclusive track.

If there’s been one virtual reality (VR) title to prove rhythm action videogames are still popular it’s Beat Saber by Beat Games. Currently only available for PC VR headsets like Oculus RIft and HTC Vive, it was revealed during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2018 that PlayStation VR would be getting a version. While there’s still no confirmed release date,  PlayStation Underground has released a new video showcasing some gameplay action.

Beat Saber Screenshot

The video highlights several of the songs PC gamers already know and love – and have probably played a thousand times – and how well the PlayStation Move work in Beat Saber. Eagle eyed viewers will notice a PlayStation VR exclusive in there as well, a song going by the name of ‘Kunquat’.

VRFocus recently reported on Beat Games’ CEO Jaroslav Beck stating that PlayStation VR would be getting unique features to the system without going into further details, and of course songs would be an easy addition.

Since the launch on PC Beat Games has released incremental updates but no big features. A multiplayer and level editor have been mentioned but there’s been no further updates on either of these just yet. Which is possibly why the studio released an easter egg track that had to be unlocked (now freely available in the song roster) this month.

Beat Saber Screenshot

Beat Saber isn’t yet a fully featured title on PC as it’s still in Early Access. In VRFocus’ preview we said: “Beat Saber works excellently at everything it sets out to do. It can easily eat vast amounts of your time without you even realising it as you fight to get a perfect score. The gameplay is extremely satisfying while still being very simple and is the sort of thing that would serve as a great introduction to VR.”

Watch the PlayStation Underground below to see how Beat Saber is shaping up for the headset. When Beat Games do finally reveal a launch date for the title VRFocus will let you know.

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