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Coatsink Software’s Esper Now Available Now Steam

Puzzle solving telekinetic fun.

British developer Coatsink Software – the creators of the critically acclaimed mobile virtual reality (VR) titles Augmented Empire and A Night Sky – have now released their latest title Esper onto Steam. This puzzles title seems players need to prove they can controller their newly found psychic abilities by completing a number of challenges all within one room.

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Set in an alternate version of London in the middle of the seventies, players will become one of a few who have found new psychic abilities. Now able to lift and manipulate objects with just a thought, the government is conducting a series of tests to see if an individual is not a threat to the fragile fabric of society. Having already released on Samsung Gear VR last year, the title made its way to PlayStation VR and Oculus Go late last month on June 29th, 2018. Now the title has been released on Steam with support for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Esper is where the VR journey began for Coatsink and it holds a dear place in our hearts.” Explains the CEO of Coatsink Tom Beardsmore. “Having Oculus approach us in the early days of modern day VR and trust our then small team to build and create an acclaimed VR game for Gear VR was nothing short of incredible. Today, Esper is already available on three platforms and we can’t wait to take that to seven with the addition of PSVR, Go, Vive, and Mi headsets, giving VR players more choice and chances to enjoy Esper.”

Esper - 2018 Screenshot

With a number of challenging chapters to play through, each hosting a variety of puzzles to complete, Esper has a lot of content to be explored. The physics-based puzzles and motion controlled telekinetic powers offer a unique gameplay opportunities that players are sure to enjoy. Should the title be to your liking then the sequel Esper 2 is available now as well as part of Esper The Collection.

VRFocus’ Editor Kevin Joyce reviewed Esper when it released on Samsung Gear VR last year saying: “A wonderful example of not only what makes a good first taste of VR for modern audiences, but also how to best use the input options available on the Gear VR hardware, Esper is one of the most welcoming titles including in the launch line-up for the consumer edition. Let down only by its relatively short duration, Esper remains an attractive proposition with its accessible gameplay and low price tag. UK studio Coatsink are investing significantly in VR, and with this first instance they have already set themselves a high barrier to surpass with subsequent releases.”

Esper is available now on Steam for £6.19 (GBP) with a 10% launch discount through to July 13th, 2018. For more on the title in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

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