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Drifter Entertainment Releases New Content Update For Gunheart

Gameplay improvements, PVP balancing, horde mode and much more.

Virtual reality (VR) first-person shooter (FPS) puts players into a world full of intense gunfights and alien bugs that need killing. Step into the shoes of a robotic bounty hunter trying to make some money at the edge of the galaxy alone, with friends, or in player-versus-player combat. The title has come a long way since it was announced back in May 2017 and then having left Early Access last month. Now, the team at Drifter Entertainment have released a new update that brings plenty of exciting new content to the title.

Gunheart screenshot

Dubbed the June update, players will not only find the usual large number of bug fixes and improvements to gameplay and systems, as is the tradition with updates but a number of new features all together. Firstly players will be able to take character customization to a new level as there is now the option to pick the paint job for their rig. Match the paint job with your favourite hat and you’ll be able to rock the galaxy in style.

While in the Palco Rig Room picking a paint job why not try out the new Rig Mods. Mods were added to weapons sometime back and allow for players to change up the behavior of a selected weapon. With Rig Mods, players will be able to upgrade their robotic body with new perks such as increased air control, projectile slowing, area-of-effect (AOE) damage on shield break, and many others that will do ‘crazy stuff’ to help keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.

The movement system has been completely revamped allowing greater control of how to navigate the world and offering more control when in the air. This will come in handy for the new Lone Wolf mode which offers the hardest challenge yet in the title as players go in alone against some of the toughest enemies in the world of Gunheart all with only one life. This mode will be even more of a challenge as enemy behaviors have been upgraded to allow for better spawning of enemies and encourage them to hunt players down. The buzzkills enemy will also now go crazy and dive bomb players, blowing up on impact.

Gunheart screenshot

Lastly, there are improves to the games player-versus-player mode to off a more balanced and interesting fight along with the whole new Horde mode. Can you survive wave after wave of increasingly difficult enemies and come out on top as the best robotic hunter around? Put your money where your guns are and find out.

Gunheart has received positive reviews from players including VRFocus’ own Senior Staff Writer Peter Graham who said in his review: “Gunheart has a lot going for it, visually well designed with decent gunplay mechanics and enough content to keep most players happy for several hours. There are bugs and some optimisation issues – just having a better than min spec PC might work – yet the overall experience is still very enjoyable. Certainly Gunheart’s main hook is the easy, drop in co-op gameplay, yet there’s not always many people about, an issue a lot of VR multiplayers suffer with.”

Gunheart has been a long time coming and continues to get numerous updates from the team at Drifter Entertainment. The title supports both VR play with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality headsets along with non-VR play as well. The title is available now and you can see a short video detailing the above update below. For more on Gunheart in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

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