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Edmunds Bring Their Can It Fit AR Feature To Android

Now Android users can use augmented reality to see if a car fits in their driveway.

Car-shopping experts Edmunds have announced the release of their Can It Fit augmented reality (AR) app for Android. This app allows users to visualize how different vehicles will fit in their garage, parking space and driveways before buying their selected vehicle.


The app was released for iOS back in September of last year allowing users to take advantage of Apple’s ARKit to see how their car might fit. With the release on Android, Edmunds leverages Google’s ARCore to bring the same results to Android users and offer a unique shopping experience that is also a great showcase of AR technology.

Edmunds experts say that a critical and often overlooked step in the shopping process of buying a car is that it will fit within the available space. Many dealerships offer extended test-drive programs that give shoppers a chance to take the car home over night, offering a chance to test the space, but it is not always an option. With the power of the Edmunds Can It Fit app, now shoppers have a chance to help them make an informed purchase.


“We’re thrilled that our Android users can now take advantage of AR to help them visualize almost any vehicle in their own space, and even give them the ability to walk around it and see how it will fit before they commit to such a large purchase,” said Amanda Shumak, technical lead manager at Edmunds. “This feature is one example of how Edmunds is using advanced technology to help inform and reassure car shoppers during their car-buying journey.”

Alongside the Can It Fit feature, a range of editorial reviews, photos and videos within the Edmund app will be included in the Android release. This means that not only do users have the advantage of leveraging depth-sensing, area learning and motion-tracking technology to enjoy an AR experience but also have a range of resources to help improve their purchase.

Edmunds is available to download now on Android and iOS so anyone with a compatible device will be able to install the app and start seeing what cars fit within the users available space. For more on AR apps in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

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