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Epson Safety Glasses

Epson Expands AR Smart Glasses Portfolio

New Epson Moverio AR smart glasses also function as safety glasses for hazardous environments.

Epson have become one of the leaders in the augmented reality (AR) smart glasses area with its Moverio line of smart glasses. The company is now expanding its range with the new Moverio BT-350 ANSI Edition smart glasses, which combine the safety aspect of safety glasses with the utility of AR.

The release of the new line of smart glasses coincides with the launch of the Skylight Upskill industrial software platform, which provides workers with connections to helpful information while remaining hands-free to focus on ongoing tasks.

The Moverio BT-350 ANSI Edition smart glasses were created to be worn in environments where safety glasses are necessary. The smart glasses include both indoor and outdoor shields that meet ANSI Z87.1 safety certification requirements. The Moverio BT-350 ANSI Edition has a flexible and durable design and can be worn comfortably by a wide range of head types.

“Epson was one of the first companies to see the value of smart glasses in the enterprise and their Moverio hardware is an established, trusted name in the market,” said Brian Ballard, CEO and co-founder, Upskill. “By offering the Skylight platform on the Moverio BT-350 ANSI Edition smart glasses, we add increased choice for our customers looking to adopt high quality, industrial-grade AR devices to their operations to drive significant performance improvements across their workforce.”

Customers who have used the Upskill Skylight platform have reported a 32% increase in performance in use cases that cover manufacturing, logistics and field services.

“Since Epson launched its first iteration of the Moverio smart glasses seven years ago, we have been diligently working to enhance the technology to meet the demands of end-users, including the need for an ANSI edition of the Moverio glasses,” said Michael Leyva, product manager, augmented reality solutions, Epson. “We’re confident that addressing this workplace safety requirement and collaborating with Upskill, will enable enterprises to accelerate smart glasses adoption across the workforce.”

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