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Escaping the rat Race is Harder Than it Looks in Salary Man Escape

VRFocus tries to save as many office workers as possible from the mundane daily grind.

Ever been stuck at work on a Friday afternoon with the minutes ticking by like hours and the hours seemingly taking days, with the only way to leave feeling like an elaborate puzzle? Well first off you probably need to change job if that is the case, secondly, Red Accent Studios and Oasis Games have put this issue into videogame form with Salary Man Escape for PlayStation VR. And so VRFocus put the title to the test, to see whether the assortment of puzzles can alleviate the daily grind.

Launched last month, Salary Man Escape is a puzzle title that has similarities to old school classic Lemmings. The goal is to get the workers out the office to the goal, making them a safe route to the exit. This is achieved by moving the red blocks in the mostly black and white environment. These can be manipulated to open new routes or to move the white blocks to do the same.

Salary Man Escape has plenty of content, with 60 basic levels, and 18 PlayStation-exclusive hidden levels (unlocked by collecting hidden coins) across six chapters. Each chapter introduces a brand new puzzle mechanic to the mix, making puzzle progression increasingly more complex and difficult.

VRFocus’ gameplay video sees writer Rebecca tackle some of the earlier levels so to not give too many level secrets away. That’s not to say some of them don’t prove to be difficult, requiring several attempts, as such if you need a hand its well worth checking out which levels she played.

The title proved to be one of Oasis Games’ better experiences for PlayStation VR, achieving a four star review: “Salary Man Escape has some flaws, but it offers plenty of gameplay time for the money, The controls take some adjusting to, but there’s definite satisfaction to be found from mastering it, particularly as you advance up into the later and more complex levels.”

Check out the gameplay video below, and for more of them keep reading VRFocus.

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