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Experience Virtual Flight at Farnborough Air Show With Airbus

The event takes place this weekend.

Taking place this weekend is the UK’s largest event dedicated to flying, the Farnborough International Air (FIA) Show. Aviation companies from around the world will be displaying some of the latest cutting-edge technology, with Airbus announcing that it’ll have five virtual reality (VR) experiences for attendees to try.


Created by Render, a specialist in VR, Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) applications, the five VR environments enable users to experience future scenarios, from future air mobility to a spacewalk around the International Space Station (ISS) on a mission to install a payload on the Bartolomeo platform.

In the latter scenario users feel like they are wearing space suits, helmets and space gloves; enhanced with visual and sound effects to mimic real life. Visitors to FIA’s Futures Day, opened by European Space Agency astronaut, Tim Peake, can experience Render’s original ISS VR experience in the Space Zone.

For the air show the five experiences on offer are:

  • Bartolomeo
  • FCAS
  • Urban Air Mobility and Electrification
  • VSR 700 drone helicopters
  • A321 LR aeroplane
Airbus FAP 2018

“At FIA 2018, Airbus is harnessing new technologies to present our products in unique and engaging ways. VR is changing how Airbus can engage with its customers, enabling our customers to experience Airbus like never before,” commented Paul Hannah, Creative Director of Future Concepts, Airbus in a statement.

“We’ve worked really hard to push the boundaries of what’s possible in VR,” said Mark Miles, CEO at Render. “We have doubled down our focus on delivering the highest possible quality photo real and cinematic experience. Product accuracy is absolutely vital too; I believe this is our best work to date.”

The content took Render five months to create for the Farnborough International Air Show and for the Paris Air Show. The FIA event runs from 21st – 22nd July with further details and tickets found here. For the latest aviation uses of VR, keep reading VRFocus.

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