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Experiencing The Thrill Of Being A Spy In Defector

VRFocus get hands-on with Twisted Pixel’s upcoming Oculus exclusive spy thriller.

Developer Twisted Pixel announced earlier this year that they would be working once again on an Oculus Rift exclusive, following their virtual reality (VR) title Wilson’s Heart, in the form of Defector. The title is a no holds bar action adventure title that sees players step into the spy life to go on a grand adventure. VRFocus’ Nina Salomon was able to get hands on with the title during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2018 show and has put together a video about her experience.

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Salomon explains in her hands-on video that the Defector feels similar in vein to the likes of L.A Noire in terms of the technology being used to deliver facial animations. Though not to the same level as Rockstar’s title, it seems Twisted Pixel have done a fantastic job in ensuring that the immersive experience is made more believable thanks to high quality animation. She also mentions how it feels akin to London Heist in the way that both titles are action focused, require the use of a lot of guns and gadgets.

The demo that was being shown during E3 2018 starts with the player putting in an earpiece and wearing contact lenses that provide augmented reality (AR) within the experience. These help to give players more information about select objects within the world which create opportunities for play interaction. Defector does offer player freedom but there are times where you’ll need to play by the rules, so to speak. One section within the demo required players to blend in otherwise they might draw attention to themselves, possibly leading to a gameover.

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Players can also expect to have to deal with intense conversations during Defector were picking the right option to progress the action without saying the wrong thing will be a fundamental part of the experience. After all, a spy needs to know how to talk along with how to blow things up. Any player who is use to dialog options in titles such as Mass Effect will feel right at home. Thankfully, the title provides training for these system which will be useful for players to understand the best way to talk their way out of any situation.

Of course it is not about walking and talking as Defector will feature a ton of action sequences. This includes using a range of gadgets, weapons both single and dual handed, and even shoot enemies from a car as you drive out the back of an airplane while it is being attacked by fighter jets. From the short hands on, it seems as though developer Twisted Pixel are creating a VR title that will bring that feeling of being a spy to life for anyone who puts on the headset.

Defector is planned to release later this year and will be an exclusive release for Oculus Rift. You can see the full hands-on video below and for more on the title in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

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