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Huawei and China Mobile Fujian Team up for Operator Cloud VR

A new Cloud V services launches in China alongside new optical broadband upgrades.

What might well be the first operator cloud virtual reality (VR) service has recently been launch by China Mobile Fujian, as part of a collaboration with Huawei and other partners. The new Service has been named AND Cloud VR, and accompanies an upgrade of optical broadband from 100 Mbit/s to 1000 Mbit/s.

The new Cloud VR service offers live VR broadcasts, VR video on-demand, VR IMAX, VR videogames and VR educational applications. This range of options covers concerts, sporting events, blockbuster movies and education.

The president of China Fujian Mobile said that the premium 100Mbps and 1000Mbps networks were built in partnership with Huawei in order to ensure customers could enjoy the best experience. According to the company, AND Cloud VR uses the computing power offered by cloud GP rendering along with cloud-based server architecture to ensure stable transmission along with high image quality.

The advantages of Cloud VR also mean that users are less reliant on needing a high-powered PC rig to run a VR experience, as with Cloud VR taking much of the load, VR hardware costs can be reduced by 70% or even 80%.

Huawei will be working with operators to build end-to-end networks that can provide an optimal experience for these video and Cloud VR services, which will be offered as part of basic services packages.

Zeng Xingyun, President of Huawei Network Product Line said that the company considers VR and video as part of the core strategy for Huawei. To support these technologies, Huawei has been working with operators to overcome technical challenges at the system architecture level.

Huawei and China Mobile Fuijian both believe that the launch of AND Cloud VR marks a milestone in VR services and the provision of optical broadband. Huawei confirms it intends to continue to work with its partners to continue development n the VR industry.

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