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Watch the Merc with a Mouth Take Down Bad Guys

Today’s gameplay footage shows Deadpool strutting his stuff in Marvel Powers United VR.

As we’ve seen over the past couple of weeks, news about upcoming Oculus Rift exclusive Marvel Powers United VR is coming in thick and fast now as Marvel, Oculus and developers Sanzaru Games whip up hype in advance of the release. Just to get you even more excited, VRFocus presents some gameplay footage of that fourth-wall breaking murderous goofball, Deadpool.

Deadpool is one of the most popular characters in the Marvel Comics universe, and his star is now higher than ever thanks to two movies under his belt, starring Ryan Reynolds.

Deadpool Marvel Powers United VR

Nina Salomons of VRFocus got a chance to play Marvel Powers United VR using Deadpool, and show off his moves, where he uses his iconic twin katanas, along with pistols and shurikens for long-range attacks. Of course, what would the Merc with the Mouth be without a constant stream of quips and remarks, which are fully in evidence here.

The action for this gameplay footage takes place in a sandy-floored arena-like structure where villainous brutes charge forward to attack you, backed up by flying drone that hover around pelting you with tracer fire. As a result, players need to strike a balance between avoiding incoming fire, taking out the drones with ranged attacks, then switching to melee to disable the well-armoured brutes.


Other recent announcements include the addition of Madame Hydra and AIM’s Scientist Supreme to the villain side, along with two other Guardians of the Galaxy to join the hero team, with Star Lord and Gamora added to the roster. Prior to that, some playable locations were announced which featured iconic Marvel universe locations, such as the throne room of Asgard, the frost giants home of Jotunheim and the mysterious Knowhere Market.

The gameplay footage is available to view below. For further news on Marvel Powers United VR and other upcoming VR projects, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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