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Delusion: Lies Within

Jon Braver’s Twisted Horror Series Delusion: Lies Within Making its VR Debut

The horror series will be making its debut at the Fantasia Film Festival.

From Guy Shelmerdine’s early dabbles in 360-degree scares with Catatonic to more advanced and twisted visions like Transference, horror is an intrinsic part of the virtual reality (VR) experience, whether that’s through film or videogame content. Today sees a new VR series debut, first at a couple of film festivals and then to a wider public display, Delusion: Lies Within.

Delusion: Lies Within

A VR off-shoot based on the popular LA-based interactive theater series from the Delusion creator, Jon Braver, Delusion: Lies Within is being co-produced by Skybound Entertainment.

The VR series (of which the first four episodes are now complete), is set in the 1940’s and a reclusive author called Elena Fitzgerald. She wrote a book series titled Stygian Ascent; an epic dark fantasy following the life of young Mary on a quest to  be rejoined with her mother.

However only four books have been written, with a fifth expected by fans to end the series. Fitzgerald has now gone missing, with rumours of madness, murder, and something mystical surrounding the authors disappearance.

Delusion: Lies Within

Delusion: Lies Within begins with two die-hard fans going in search of Fitzgerald, her stories so encapsulating them that they must know how it ends. Their journey leads them to a decrepit manor hidden deep in the woods. While it looks abandoned a flickering light in an upstairs window draws them in. Unbeknownst to them Fitzgerald’s stories, and horrors, have come to life. Not only must they survive the house, they need to free the author from her own machinations.

At present Delusion: Lies Within has no official public release date for headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The horror series will be making its debut at the Fantasia Film Festival from 19th – 21st July, followed by Midsummer Scream from 28th – 29th July. As VRFocus learns more about the VR experience and wider public rollout we’ll keep you updated.

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