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Krikey Van Leeuwen

Krikey Teams Up With Van Leeuwen To Release New Ice Cream-Themed AR Experience [Updated]

All in celebration of Van Leeuwen’s tenth anniversary.

Augmented reality (AR) social gaming app Krikey has team up with Van Leeuwen Ice Cream to celebration their ten year anniversary and Nation Ice Cream month to create a new ice cream-themed AR mobile gaming experience.


The experience features Van Leeuwen’s ten anniversary limited edition flavors and fan favourites to not only promote the brand but also get players mouths watering. Scoops of Van Leeuwen’s summer ice cream flavors will be thrown towards the player with increasing speeds and it is down to the player to stack as many scoops as possible. Miss a scoop and it will splat on the screen, blocking the view of other incoming scoops. Once more, the title is able to be played alone or with others as a multiplayer AR experience.

This new release is the first branded AR experience that has been released on Krikey. By using the AR technology to allow brands to transform their products into a fun, social activity that allows for unique opportunities of user engagement beyond the limits of the physical product. It was only back in June that Krikey launched a soccer mini-game to celebrate the World Cup and now with this new branded release, the range of experiences available to users is ever growing.

Krikey Van Leeuwen

The collaboration with Van Leeuwen is not only a new mini-game for users but marks the start of what could be a future of numerous branded released for Krikey. offering users plenty of new opportunities to engage with products and brands.

Krikey is available to download now on the Apple App Store for free and there is a short trailer below which showcases the Van Leeuwen ice cream mini-game below. For more on AR entertainment in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

Update: Some minor changes have been made to this story for clarification purposes.

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