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Tribe XR - Screenshot

Learn How To Be A DJ On Your Oculus Rift

Sign up for lessons with Tribe XR, and learn how to make your mark.

So how exactly do you learn how to DJ? The short answer in most cases is get a mentor (if you can) get the kit and practice. Or at least it was until this week, when another option as to how would-be disc jockeys learnt their craft was revealed – and it just so happened to involve virtual reality (VR).

The people responsible are a San Francisco-based company called Tribe XR, who have just revealed their app of the same name. Using an Oculus Rift, students can sign up for lessons via VR with a number of well-known faces in the online scene. The lessons are open even to total beginners.  No previous DJ knowledge or experience is required and anyone who has an Oculus Rift and Tribe app can sign-up for the lessons and experience the 30-minute live sessions for themselves. They receive one-on-one sessions with DJ mentors, intimidation of the technology and the situation and therefore learn faster. Tribe believes that live immersive lessons in VR are the best way to learn – and not only through mixing music.

“In developing Tribe, we learned from our users that live immersive lessons and collaborative learning are extremely powerful.” Explained the company’s Co-Founder and CEO Tom Impallomeni on the company’s blog. “Our new live lessons marketplace will enable our mission to democratize learning, and help people master many practical real-world skills, starting with DJing. With around 5 million pro DJs and up to 100 million novice DJs around the world, and many more people being interested, we hope to open up people’s minds and passions around this amazing skill set.”

A video demonstrating a session with Johnathan Lewis, aka Ellaskins has also been released and you can find that below.  For further details see the Tribe XR website. VRFocus will bring you news on any further developments as we get them.

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