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Taryn Southern

Life In 360°: Music By Machine

Tiltbrush + MRI + A.I = today’s video

To paraphrase a sentiment we often share here at VRFocus, and one I certainly refer back to a lot in VR vs articles, technology does not stay still – even if you want it to. What you expect of technology today it may well not deliver today, but it could just as well deliver it tomorrow or have delivered it yesterday but you weren’t aware of it.

It probably didn’t even leave one of those ‘Sorry We Missed You’ cards either. Rude.

Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoTechnology often goes through cycles of high and low progress. One technology that’s seemingly accelerating at the moment is the development, implementation and use of A.I. – artificial intelligence. I swear, my inbox has about as much A.I related news in it as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) or anything else at the moment. So I was intregued when hunting for something to fill today’s Li360 slot when I stumbled across a project from back in February this year called Life Support.

Life Support is a 360 degree music video that combines several technologies. VR, obviously, is included. Not just because of the formatting but the visuals were in part created by Google Tiltbrush with some Unity thrown in. A.I. wrote the music, thanks to music composer and API Amper. While according to singer and video producer Taryn Southern, whose Youtube channel this is from, it also contains functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) video footage of her brain.

That’s quite the combo. Actually, Southern used A.I. to compose the entirety of her recent album, but as far as I can see this song was the only one to get the 360 treatment. For those interested you can find out more about using A.I. to compose in this interview with The Verge from last year.

Other than that you can watch things unfold below.

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