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Run The Jewels - Crown

Life In 360°: The Jewels And The Crown

Run The Jewels perform the song Crown in 360 degrees in Friday’s Li360.

We round off yet another week of 360 degree videos here on VRFocus with the final entry in our music videos theme week. Monday saw us chilling and grooving with the Prince-like stylings of Swiss musician Seven back in 2015. Then on Wednesday we checked in with 2016 and former LMFAO member Redfoo for some party rock in 360°.

Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoToday we move on from party rock to hip hop, though not from 2016 as we take in the song Crown performed by Run The Jewels. The video, which is both atmospheric and rather claustrophobic, was made in partnership with the team at Wevr.

“They just floored me,” Explains Peter Martin, creative collaborator at Wevr, on seeing the duo perform for the first time back at the Coachella Festival. They were doing this socially and politically driven rap music that I didn’t know even existed anymore. It reminded me of the glory days of hip hop like Grandmaster Flash. I wanted a band and a song that would tell a story and they seemed perfect.”

Run The Jewels were also keen when presented with the idea of a partnership. “I always thought it would be cooler to play video games from the inside.” Said Run The Jewels’ Killer Mike before elaborating on what Crown is all about. “It’s about me coming to terms with the guilt of being a low level drug dealer and that part of my life. This song gave me an opportunity to kind of exorcise those demons. Peter’s vision was always to do his best to bring our words to life and the actors that accompanied us were a big part in that.”

The video, which channels some of the visuals from the film Raging Bull, can be found below.  VRFocus will be back with another selection of 360 degrees videos next week.

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