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Life In 360°: Three Laps And A Little Crazy

Get onboard with a Haas, a Sauber, a Red Bull and a Ferrari.

If, by any chance you were here at this time last week firstly thanks for sticking around with VRFocus. It’s very much appreciated and I just wanted to say that. Secondly, however you’ll recall that I reported at how the official NASCAR YouTube channel had got a hold of some sort of 360 degree camera at a race last month and proceeded to lose their minds, uploading fourteen 360 snippets without much in the way of formatting.

Life In 360° / 360 Degree Video

As I then mentioned we were due another round of videos from Formula 1, as Liberty Media continue to put up a really nice variety of clips from across the races with action from both qualifying and the race. Thankfully this selection isn’t all mostly about Max Verstrappen getting in scrapes. In fact, the young Dutchman isn’t involved at all – but his teammate is. We go in chronological order. Starting back in May with the 2018 Spanish Grand Prix.

2018 Spanish Grand Prix – Grosjean Spin Causes Lap 1 Chaos

“We’re onboard and in 360 with Romain Grosjean as the Haas driver’s spin on lap one takes out Nico Hulkenberg and Pierre Gasly.”


2018 Monaco Grand Prix – Charles Leclerc’s Lap of Monaco

“Jump onboard with Charles Leclerc for a tour of his home race, with the full lap in 360 degrees.”

2018 Monaco Grand Prix – Daniel Ricciardo’s Record Pole Lap

“You’ve seen Daniel Ricciardo’s stunning pole position in Monaco. Now, jump onboard for a unique 360-degree view of the Red Bull driver’s epic tour of the Monaco circuit.”

2018 Canadian Grand Prix – Sebastian Vettel’s Record Pole in Montreal

“Whichever way you look at it, this was one special lap. Jump onboard with Sebastian Vettel for his lap record pole position at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, in 360 glorious degrees.”

VRFocus will be back on Monday at the usual time with another example of 360 degree video use.



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