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Magic Leap One Reveal

Magic Leap Publish Getting Started Details For Content Creators

Helping to ensure developers have all the tools and resources they need to develop for the Magic Leap One.

As Magic Leap continue to prepare for the release of their upcoming augmented reality (AR) head-mounted display (HMD) the Magic Leap One, the company are now helping to get developers started with the platform through their Creator Portal. Now, the company have released a number of helpful Getting Started pieces to encourage more content creators, including those will no or little coding experience, to build experiences for the platform.

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Magic Leap One is designed to allow developers to take advantage of the technology and tools they are already familiar with and make it easy to develop for the new headset. Anyone who is family with engines such as Unity or Unreal or has experience in C++ using the native C++ API will be able to get started rather quick, according to Magic Leap. Sadly those who are hoping to use languages such as Phython, PET or FORTRAN will find they are not supported at this time but no matter where you are starting, Magic Leap are published an overview page.

For those who have no or not much experience in coding or developing for VR should not worry as Magic Leap have taken that into account. They recommend firstly taking a free online course for engines such as Unity or Unreal, including their own development portals, before then exploring the Magic Leap One Creator Portal to see how to transfer those skills over. In fact, the Creator Portal has been designed with that in mind and is said to be an accessible yet informative resource for content creators.

Magic Leap One

One of the bigger steps that Magic Leap are taking to ensure content creators can build experiences even without the Magic Leap One hardware is by building tools to allow for this. The Magic leap Remote is a program that allows developers to build and test code without needing to deploy to the hardware. In Unity and Unreal, developers will be able to make changes to the scene in Play or VR Preview mode and see the results immediately. This will provide a key resource for those still waiting for their Magic Leap One Creator Edition or for the final release of the hardware this Spring.

The Magic Leap One is set to release later this year and will bring a new, powerful AR solution to users around the world. As developers get ready for the launch by building countless experiences, Magic Leap are working to ensure their Creator Portal and resources are up to the challenge. For more information in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

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