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Meta Viewer

Meta Discuss Their Upcoming Meta Viewer Application

In a recent talk with Next Reality, the company talk more about their augmented reality application.

Back in June of this year, augmented reality (AR) headset manufacturer Meta debuted their first software application in the form of the Meta Viewer. This visualization application is designed for use with the Meta 2 headset and allows users to interact with 3D CAD models like never before. Now in a recent hands-on via Next Reality, we are able to get a better understanding of the power this application offers.

The Meta Viewer was revealed during the AWE 2018 conference and was made available in a beta state. The application includes a number of functionality features including collaboration and voice command to the 3D CAD workflow. Able to open and visualize AR-ready 3D CAD models, the application can ensure a smooth viewing experience all while keeping the integrity of the model and design information.

Adario Strange was able to try the new Meta Viewer out at the company’s office alongside Joe Mikhail, chief revenue officer, to explore what the application can do. “Our mission is more ‘augmented humanity’ where we bring in both the digital and the physical worlds together in a very natural and intuitive way. Both regarding how we consume digital content, as well as how we interact with it,” Mikhail explained.


“[This] is why we’re big on natural interaction like hand and voice, and less about having to learn interface to get a job done. As we evolve, it’s more about machines adapting to humans, and being subservient to our natural expressions, and at the same time preserving that human connection.” Mikhail adds.

By aiming to bridge the gap between CAD models and their physical counterparts, the Meta Viewer is in a strong position to change the workflow of product design and development. With less need to build physical models for review, which can take time and have high production costs, members of the team can simply view the model in a 1:1 scale within AR. In the hands-on, Adario described the application as being “a solid first step toward real, usable, collaborative AR workspaces. And regarding pure performance, this gets us a lot closer to the dream of virtual object manipulation in AR as seen in many science fiction films in years past. The future is here; it’s just in beta.”

The Meta Viewer application is currently in beta and is available to download now from the company website. For more on the application and Meta in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

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