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Seeking Dawn

Multiverse Entertainment Confirms ‘huge content and upgrade plans’ for Seeking Dawn

There’s no confirmed window for the updates just yet.

Yesterday Multiverse Entertainment launched its sci-fi epic Seeking Dawn for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, receiving mixed reviews. Yet the studio isn’t stopping just there, confirming plans for more content as well as launching a new gameplay video.

Seeking Dawn free dlc

Seeking Dawn offers a 10+ adventure in the 23rd century where mankind has conquered the stars and two factions are at war. You play a marine who’s been sent to a dangerous alien world that could hold the secret to winning the conflict. The experience already offers plenty of gameplay via first-person gunplay, crafting and survival elements, but there’s more instore.

“We’re not stopping here,” says Freeman Fan, CEO of Multiverse Inc., on the launch of Seeking Dawn in a statement. “We have huge content and upgrade plans as we get closer to the PSVR launch as well. On top of any bug-fixes, we’re working on a plan to include 5 more hours of playable story, a weapon-leveling system, new alien beasts to challenge, and texture improvements to Seeking Dawn’s already stellar visuals.”

The already impressive visuals don’t need much work, offering some of the best vistas seen in a virtual reality (VR) title. The addition of extra content will please fans who’ve been involved with the beta and already finished the story, and the bug-fixes will hopefully give the title the polish it needs.

Seeking Dawn

VRFocus only gave Seeking Dawn three stars for its review, saying: “Seeking Dawn is the kind of title you have a love/hate relationship with. On the one hand when it works smoothly it’s a really fun and beautiful VR experience to play, with masses of content and hours and hours of gameplay. Unfortunately it’s not perfect, with plenty of repetition and glitches that need finessing.”

For those that haven’t tried Seeking Dawn just yet, Multiverse Entertainment has released a comedic gameplay video focused on the multiplayer side where up to four players can join in for some co-op action. For any further updates to Seeking Dawn, keep reading VRFocus.

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