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Nerf Guns Go Augmented with Laser Ops Pro Blasters

Take part in Nerf battles using the power of augmented reality.

What’s better than a Nerf gun battle? Obviously the answer is ‘A Nerf gun battle with added augmented reality (AR)’. Though we’ve seen a number of smartphone apps that use AR for PvP shooting fun, now there is the added satisfaction of using a chunky Nerf gun.

Unlike most applications of laser-tag games, the Nerf Laser Ops Pro system doesn’t require players to wear a vest or any additional sensors, since the detectors live on the end of the gun barrel. The Nerf guns sync with a specialised smartphone app which adds in the AR functionality.

Pictures via Stan Horaczek, Popular Science

While the app isn’t a necessary part of the game, the guns do come with a wrist mount for a smartphone to make playing with the app enabled a little easier.

Multiple Nerf blasters can be linked to a single device, or each player can be synchronised to their own smartphone. There are a variety of options to choose from, including different game options where things like specific time limits can be set, and at the end of each match the stats are displayed.

If you don’t happen to have friends and family around to battle against, there is a single-player mode. This involves strapping the phone to the blaster and shooting at AR objects that appear overlaid on the real world, getting a score depending on how good your aiming skills are.

The Laser Ops Pro blasters comes equipped with haptic feedback and sound effects to indicate when you have been hit. Upon being hit, the player is ‘deactivated’ for 15 secnds, during which time your blaster will not fire. There is also a switch on the blaster to indicate if you are playing in daylight or darkness., so the unit can compensate for the ambient light that might otherwise interfere with the signal.

Pictures via Stan Horaczek, Popular Science

A full review of the Nerf Laser Ops Pro system was done by Popular Science. For future coverage of new and innovative uses of AR technology, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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