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New Maps, Asset Packs And Improvements Come To SteamVR Home In Newest Update

Explore the ins and outs of a supervillain’s lair for starters.

SteamVR is one of the most popular ways for users of virtual reality (VR) devices to access their content and enjoy endless experiences. SteamVR Home is another way to immerse yourself in the experience thanks to an impressive launch area for your VR collection along with a number of social environments. Now a new update has been released that brings new maps, asset packs, and more for users to play with.

SteamVR Home

Users will be able to explore the ins and outs of a supervillain’s lair in this new SteamVR Home environment. The location is full of everything that an aspiring evil genius would need including hidden tunnels, evil labs, electric fences and even alligators. For those who look hard enough there are plenty of hidden extras within the location including a interactable mini-sentry turret collectible from Team Fortress 2 but you might need a friend to help you find it.

Other new locations include three new spins on the standard Summit Pavilion home environment which now features more rooms to customize, a waterfall, and even a cozy virtually fire that will be the ideal place to warm your virtual self. These new maps take advantage of the new asset pack system which is also included in the update which in turn, makes the maps a smaller download size then normal.

SteamVR Home

The new asset pack system which is being introduced to SteamVR Home means that content creators can now share the assets from their maps with other creators, and other creators can utilize these assets when creating their own maps. If a player has downloaded a map that uses an asset pack, any other map using that asset pack will be a smaller download as it won’t need to download the assets a second time. Alongside the update, Valve have made the asset packs for Summit Pavilion and the Supervillain Lair environments available for users to download and use for themselves.

Elsewhere in the update the users will find the big community wall in the default environment has been reorganized to show more titles in each category, sorted by current player count. Free VR Apps is a new category that has been added to the wall as well and all the panels are now resizable same as the props within the environment. The update for SteamVR Home is available now so make sure to download it and enjoy the new content and features. For all the latest on SteamVR Home in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

SteamVR Home

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