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Now That’s What I Call A Tantrum: Nina Discusses Her Hands-On With Bebylon Battle Royale

“I think the people who created this game were probably on some type of hallucinagenic drug of some kind…”

This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) was, to put it mildly, a bit of a disappointment when it came to VR news. Everything felt very slowed down and a lot of what we were expecting to be there was not. Still, that’s not to say the team weren’t busy when they were out in Los Angeles. There was still plenty to see, plenty to play many people to talk to, and that’s why even now we’re still pushing our way through the mass of video recorded in and around the event. 

Bebylon Battle Royale

Today’s video sees VRFocus‘ Video Content Producer Nina Solomons once again take to the chair to give her thoughts on one of the items she got hands-on with at E3 2018. This time her focus lands on a demo of Bebylon: Battle Royale, a title which once seen you’ll certainly not forget due to its unusual nature. Developers Kite & Lightning’s title has been in development for some time, and which has not long ago moved into its Beta phaseBebylon Battle Royale’s core gameplay focuses on multiplayer combat as you control babies in an arena, battling it out for toddler-based supremacy. And if that sounds pretty weird and ever so slightly creepy, well… you’re not exactly wrong – and Nina happens to agree with you.

“So, I think the people who created this game were probably on some type of hallucinogenic drug of some kind when they decided ‘let’s create this game’, because it really is absolutely insane.”

Yet even in the early days of the title what was shown to VRFocus has been promising. An early preview of Bebylon Battle Royale noted “already an impressively entertaining experience. The shifting, multi-layered arenas and the balancing of the available combatants can turn the tide of a fight in seconds. Given that the multiplayer gameplay is central to Bebylon Battle Royale’s raison d’etre’ the videogame has clearly been designed from the ground-up with two-player competition in mind, and is exhilarating when victory draws close.”

At this stage however, Nina thinks there’s still plenty to do before the title is truly ready. “I feel like a lot of work still needs to be done in order for this game to be really successful – having said that I do think this is the first VR game that I’ve seen that really tries to interact with the audience and I really applaud Kite & Lightning for trying this out.”  Nina also discusses the destructible arena and other aspects of the title in the video that you can see below.


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