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One Small Step for Samsung VR

Samsung launches ‘A Moon for All Mankind’ VR experience at its Samsung 837 store in New York.

Samsung Electronics is a name already much associated with virtual reality (VR), largely thanks to the Samsung Gear VR and the associated Samsung smartphones that power the device. The company is taking that a stage further with launch of ‘A Moon for All Mankind’ an immersive 4D VR experience.

The experience has been designed to let users utilise a Samsung Galaxy S9+ along with a Samsung Gear VR to experience a fictional mission to the moon which lets them experience the sensations of lunar gravity.

To develop the experience, Samsung had its rig design team work closely with the team as NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, who were responsible for the creation of the Active Response Gravity Offload System, or ARGOS, which is used to train astronauts how to live and work in low gravity environments. This expertise was incorporated into A Moon for all Mankind in order to accurately represent the sensations of lunar gravity.

“At Samsung, we are driven to push the boundaries of innovation and inspire consumers to do what they can’t,” said Zach Overton, Vice President of Consumer Experience & General Manager of Samsung 837 and Galaxy Studios. “We are proud to bring to consumers the combination of our powerful mobile VR headset and our innovative work with NASA to launch this lunar experience and bring the sensation of walking on the Moon to life.”

“Starting this year, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Program that landed a dozen Americans on the Moon,” said Sean Carter, Strategic Partnerships at NASA Johnson Space Center. “With VR experiences like the one Samsung has developed, we are working to make lunar missions accessible to the public and are excited to inspire the next generation of astronauts.”

The A Moon for All Mankind experience will be available to the public from 19th July 2018 through to July 2019 at the Samsung 837 store in New York City. Further information and the ability to book a slot can be found on the Samsung 837 website. For future coverage of new VR experiences, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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