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Ordering Pizza Just Got Augmented

Domino’s team up with Snapchat for new ‘Shoppable AR’ lenses.

Augmented reality (AR) and retail seem like a fairly logical pairing, as the AR technology lets customers test out how products will look before placing an order. AR and ordering food doesn’t seem quite as obvious, but it is a combination that is at the heart of a new Domino’s advertising campaign.

Domino’s have partnered with Snapchat in order to create a Shoppable AR lens which lets customers play around with the AR technology as well as order a pizza.

The Domino’s Shoppable AR lens lets users turn the smartphone camera on themselves to see an image of their face wearing a pair of sunglasses, with a pizza reflected in the lenses. If flipped down, the camera will show and AR pizza box, floating tantalisingly in the air to be opened in order to reveal a pizza.

The Ad campaign was created by an AR company called Kabaq, a New york-based creative company that specialises in AR experiences which involve food. The company captured images of real pizza in order to create the AR renderings.

The Shoppable AR lenses from part of Snapchat’s strategy to integrate advertising with AR, a direction which the company hopes will help it to revive its flagging fortunes.

The shoppable AR lenses can only be bought from the Snapchat sales team, which charges advertisers a fee of around $500,000 (USD). This will gives those advertisers access to support from the Snapchat building and publishing team, as well as a reach which will give advertisers the chance to reach between 15 to 20 million users.

Snapchat New World Lenses_1

Snapchat also recently began offering developers access to the ‘Snap Kit’ which lets developers introduce Snapchat features such as ‘bitmoji’ into other messaging applications, or integrate custom filters and stickers into the Snapchat camera app.

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