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PR Firm IDEA Communication Announces Partnership with VR Company Plex-VR [Updated]

Strategic partnership will help roll-out Plex-VR educational technology in China and Singapore.

Public relations and communications company IDEA Communication have announced a strategic partnership with Chinese virtual reality (VR) solutions provider Plex-VR (which is not to be confused with the similarly named social VR company Plex). The partnership will see the two companies working towards a roll-out of Plex-VR-powered educational VR technologies in Singapore and China.

Education is starting to see the benefits of VR technology, in the USA almost half of US colleges have some manner of VR educational facilities in place. The two firms are keen to use their combined resources to apply VR technology to this area in China and Singapore.


Plex-VR is hoping to elevate its brand as a light field technology solution provider by utilising the resources of IDEA Communication to increase its reach and apply the technology in new areas, such as real estate, education, medicine, retail and tourism.

“I’m delighted to partner with a solid firm with all-rounded know-how of digital technology and the role it plays in consumption upgrading and to bring more relevant applications into the new retail and consumer sectors,” said Mr. Yu Yijing, founder and CEO of Plex-VR, “We are confident that the partnership with IDEA Communication leveraging IDEA’s local market knowledge and resources will propel our business to the next level and support us to meet with the demands of our customers in the region.”

“The strategic partnership taps the complementary strengths of us two companies and is built on the consensus of the broad application outlook of the AR and VR technology in Asia. With the digital transformation accelerating in Singapore and China, the timing is good to introduce the advanced VR and AR solutions to the retail and consumer sectors that demand more engaging and interactive experiences. We are committed to continuous development and customer-oriented solution and I am confident that the partnership will help the two companies grow to the next level,” said Ms. Helena Ma, owner and managing director of IDEA communications, with operations in Singapore and China.


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Update: Plex got in touch to explain that Plex-VR and Plex are not the same firm. Plex-VR is a light-field VR technology company, while Plex is the creator of a Samsung Gear VR content platform. The images have likewise been updated to reflect the correct company. VRFocus apologises for any confusion.

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