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Zen Space Flight - VR Showcase

Relax In VR With Zen Space Flight – VR Showcase, Available Now

New unique experience offers a way to escape in a relaxing environment.

With so many different virtual reality (VR) experiences and titles already available on the market, from grand adventures to smaller, more casual moments. It is nice to come across an experience that puts more focus on the relaxation applications of VR over action packed titles. This is where Zen Space Flight – VR Showcase comes in as it offers a unique way to relax all within an immersive virtual space.

Zen Space Flight - VR Showcase

Made by developer Amazing VR, Zen Space Flight – VR Showcase invites players to enter a virtual world full of lights, colour and ambient music to escape from the pressures of the everyday and relax in a zen environment. When players step into the title they will be able to personalize the experience by selecting music from both their local storage or from the internet via YouTube. This is then imported to title and brought to life by an impressively stunning visualization that helps the user to unwind.

It is not just about entering a world of music and colour though as users are also able to fly around through this virtual space and experience the freedom that comes with it. Besides just flying around as a means to relax it also creates the opportunities to play within the space, using a number of items including some bouncy balls that can be created within the world. As for the music visualization, there are a wide number of options available to users to create the ideal setup to help them relax. Should you want to them fly up close to the colour display then that is also possible.

Zen Space Flight - VR Showcase

Zen Space Flight – VR Showcase also gives users the option to load their favourite YouTube video and watch it within the virtual world and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere that is to be found with the title. This means that no matter your mood there is a setup to match and help you find a way to lose yourself within VR. The title is also positioned as a means to showcase VR to new users and allows for a safe environment to do just that.

Zen Space Flight – VR Showcase is available now on Steam for £2.84 with a 30% launch discount until July 12th, 2018 with support for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. For more on the title in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

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