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Seoul Gets Another VR Theme Park

A partnership between KT Corp and GS Retail opens second VR park under the VRIGHT brand.

The idea of a virtual reality (VR) theme park is one that has been gaining traction as location-based VR centres open up all over the glove. Instead of offering up just one VR set-up or experience, VR theme parks host a range of immersive activities for visitors. South Korea has shown it is still aiming to be on the cutting edge of this technology trend with the launch of a VR park called VRIGHT.

The new park is part of a joint venture between telecoms company KT Corp and GS Retail, and is the second such park to emerge from the partnership. It will be located near the main gate of Konkuk University.

The park will feature roughly 30 new videogames, VR experiences and rides, many of which have been developed in partnership with leading Korean developers, such as Smilegate and Appnori. The rooms that contain the experiences will be priced from 5,000 won (roughly $4.50 USD) up to 49,000 won per use, or per hour depending on the nature of the experience.

Koh Yoon-Jeon, chief of KT’s future business development unit, shared: “We will strengthen partnerships with content creators, simulator manufacturers and other small and medium-sized enterprises at home and abroad.”

The previous VRIGHT park was opened in Sinchon, new Yonsei University in western Seoul. The VR theme park has seen over 18,000 visitors since it was opened in March, 2018. The park has two floors and offers a range of VR attractions and activities, including the two headline experiences, Special Force VR: universal War, a first-person sci-fi shooter and HADO, a multiplayer augmented reality (AR) title tat plays like dodgeball.

The two companies have announced plans to open further VRIGHT parks this year, which will operate under the management of KT Corp, with further plans to franchise the brand in 2019. VRFocus will continue to keep you informed on new developments in location-based VR.

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