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Singer Brandon Howard Goes Virtual With New Music Video

Producer, songwriter and singer B. Howard teams with Fibrum for new interactive VR music video.

Producer, songwriter and singer Brandon Howard is joining with other music icons such as Bjork and Gorillaz in becoming involved in the world of virtual reality (VR) with the announcement of a new interactive VR music video.

The new music video comes out of a collaboration between VR technology company Fibrum and Howard, who first met in Los Angeles to discuss how music video formats could be changed and pushed forwards

Virtual Reality for Everyone (PRNewsFoto/Fibrum)

Brandon Howard is also known as B. Howard, and is known I the pop music world as a multi-platinum music producer, singer and songwriter with a global fanbase, who regularly collaborated with well-known artists such as Ne-Yo, Ciara, Akon, Koda Kumi, Jay Park and Jason Derulo.

Both Howard and Fibrum discussed an interest in revolutionising the music industry and developing new concept and production formats for music videos which can further involve the audience.

According to Fibrum, the music video will not simply be a 360-degree video, but will instead involve high-quality CGI that lets the user interact with the characters in the video and make a difference to how the experience plays out.

Fibrum has to date produced 36 VR apps, primarily for smartphone-based VR such as Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard. The company is currently working on a VR platform called DESIRIUM, which will act as an extended entertainment library which will work within VR.

The company plans for DESIRIUM to be made available on multiple VR headsets and is aiming for a release in late July to Early August of 2018.

The B. Howard music video project is currently in early pre-production, so it is not currently known when a release date for the project will be available.

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