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Super Puzzle Galaxy Leaves Early Access, Warp Ball DLC Pack now Available

This is 2 Bears Studio’s second HTC Vive exclusive.

Indie developer 2 Bears Studio has worked with HTC’s own in-house developer/publisher Vive Studios on a couple of exclusive titles for the headset, Arcade Saga and Super Puzzle Galaxy. The latter arrived in Early Access back in December 2017, proving to be a novel physics sandbox puzzler. Today, Super Puzzle Galaxy has left Steam Early Access whilst adding further DLC to expanded its gameplay.

Super Puzzle Galaxy

Super Puzzle Galaxy is very much like a sci-fi sandbox on some alien world. The core 32 level campaign is all about the manipulation of sand (no sandcastles though), having to guide an orb from a starting position to a goal whilst avoiding traps and other dangerous obstacles on route and collecting little glowing HTC Vive emblems on route.

To expand the gameplay further there are 16 challenge levels to test your sand crafting skills on, plus a fully featured level editor. This features the exact same content as the main campaign so you can build as many fiendish levels as you can think of.

VRFocus previewed Super Puzzle Galaxy earlier this year, remarking: “Super Puzzle Galaxy might be a single-player experience yet it’s one of those VR titles that’ll thrive through community content creation.” Going on to add: “Even at this early stage there’s a reasonable amount of content on offer, all of which looks highly polished and very well put together.”

Super Puzzle Galaxy

With the launch from Early Access 2 Bears Studio has released another DLC pack for the title. The Warp Ball DLC contains  24 new levels and 2 new objects; the new ice trap that can freeze your ball and slow down your momentum, and the new rotating obstacle that will turn other obstacles. Plus there are 8 new challenge levels. The previous Boost Ball DLC came out in February and featured 24 new levels, 2 objects, and 8 additional challenge levels. Both DLC packs retail for £1,69 GBP.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of 2 Bears Studio, reporting back with any further content updates.

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