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The Red Planet Continues to Fascinate as Redturtle Trundles Towards Launch

The scientific-based, real-time experience from QOVAQ is coming to Oculus Rift.

For most travelling to our nearest planetary neighbour Mars is but a pipe dream, a proposition yet to be achieved by mankind although the next few decades could change that. The best way to experience the Red Planet and all its rocky glory is through virtual reality (VR) and some of the experiences already available, such as: Red Rover or Mars 2030 for example. Next month San Francisco based entertainment company QOVAQ will launch its version for Oculus Rift, Redturtle.


Described by QOVAQ as a photo-real, real-time VR experience, Redturtle puts you in control of the Mars Rover as it explores the planet. The main objectives are scientific, to investigate the landscape, which includes digging, drilling, as well as collecting samples and photos to send back home.

However, while that sounds fairly mundane Redturtle is in fact a sci-fi thriller. What starts out as an optimistic scientific mission to Mars, slowly descends into a far darker experience with unforeseen challenges towards the end.

“As technology remains an ever-changing industry, visual storytelling continues to rise in demand among all audiences,” said Berk Hakguder, Head of Computer Graphics at QOVAQ in a statement. “Many companies have already begun to explore virtual and augmented reality as both a product and experience for their customers.  The ‘immersive experience’ is something that we believe can advance storytelling to another level, while also inspiring future technologies.”


Redturtle is the first product by QOVAQ which aims to bring the photo-real look of the Planet Mars and the full control of the Mars Rover to the users. Trying to make the content as realistic as possible, users will able to explore the planet’s surface and experience how the real-life rover missions took place and felt.

QOVAQ will launch Redturtle for Oculus Rift on Friday, 3rd August 2018. For any further updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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