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Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Hyperreality Spy Experience Coming to San Diego Comic-Con

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Experience will start this Thursday.

The annual San Diego Comic-Con returns at the end of the week featuring the latest content from the worlds of videogames, comic books, films, TV and more. Today, it has been announced that attendees will be able to enjoy Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Experience as part of a collaboration between Amazon Studios and MediaMonks. 

Oculus Touch - Chris

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Experience is a several stage hyperreality tour-de-force of technology, and story telling, designed as an introduction to Prime Video’s upcoming original show, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, releasing on 31st August for Prime members.

Visitors will complete the Jack Ryan Training Field by infiltrating, fighting and evading the enemy to gain full field clearance. They will then use that training to help Jack Ryan himself in Dark Ops, an escape experience that will bring to life the pilot episode Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.

The Jack Ryan Training Field, created in collaboration with MediaMonks, uses OptiTrack cameras and Oculus Rift headsets to make it as immersive as possible. Participants will find themselves rappelling from a helicopter, traversing a 28ft high plank, infiltrating an enemy compound, taking out assailants, then locating intelligence, zipline from a building, then exfiltrate back to a safehouse while being chased by enemy cars.

OptiTrack Active

“The best way to promote an experience is through an experience. Hyperreality blurs the lines between VR technology and the real world; it truly brings fans something new and immerses them into the story of the series in ways that we could previously only dream about. Who wouldn’t want to become a hero for a day?” said Wesley ter Haar, COO, MediaMonks.

While the Dark Ops section in non-VR related, throwing participants into their first field assignment, with actors, voice technology and immersive set pieces.

“I’m thrilled that we can bring San Diego Comic Con attendees a multi-faceted, highly visual and technically advanced activation that will bring Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan to life in such an exciting way,” says Mike Benson, Head of Marketing at Amazon Studios in a statement. “Covering 60,000 square feet, fans can choose their own experience from swinging down zip-lines, escaping our Dark Ops activation, participating in mini-missions in the bazaar, or visitors can simply take a break, relax and watch others participate in the training field.  It’s an experience like no other that has been designed to give everyone attending the opportunity to become their own version of Tom Clancy’s infamous Jack Ryan character.”

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Experience will take place Thursday, 19th July through Sunday, 22nd July at the park directly across from the San Diego Convention Center. It will be open daily from 9 am to 7 pm Thursday through Saturday, and 9 am to 5 pm on Sunday. For any further updates on the San Diego Comic-Con keep reading VRFocus.


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