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Animal Force - Title

Tower Defence Title Animal Force Arrives for PlayStation VR in North America

Use fluffy animals to save the world from aliens.

Oasis Games is a fairly prolific Chinese videogame publisher when it comes to PlayStation VR, with the company having released titles such as comedy puzzle experience Salary Man Escape, Light Tracerhorror experience Dying: Rebornvoxel shooter Pixel Gear, and many more. One of the most recent was tower defence title Animal Force which hit the European PlayStation Store in May. Today, Oasis Games and developer ISVR have rolled the videogame out to North American players as well. 

Animal Force

Animal Force is a tower defense VR adventure featuring lots of furred and feathered friends who must save planet Earth from mysterious aliens. To do this players will command a team of animals with superpowers stationed on a rocket before it is too late.

In the main single-player campaign players control a rocket that can scoop up animals, and then move them strategically to protect the atmosphere; or choose to manually hold on to entire chains of superpowered animals to battle against the enemy forces. There are 30 missions across seven stages, with a variety of environments to play through, each needing a unique combination of animals for the best protection.

To make sure Animal Force  isn’t purely a solitary experience ISVR has added several multiplayer modes, so that up to three additional players can join in via the PlayStation VR social screen function. Using DualShock4 controllers the three non-VR players have to team up to win against their VR opponent. In the three modes available the PlayStation VR wearer needs to try to find the hidden human players in Odd One Out, while they work together to rob the VR player in Steal the Statue, or then there’s picking up hapless humans and leading them to safety in Divide & Conga.

Animal Force screenshot1

Developed exclusively for PlayStation VR, Animal Force is available on the PlayStation Store for $15.99 USD. For any further updates from Oasis Games, keep reading VRFocus.

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