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Eden Project Venus 2

Travel to Venus with New Eden Project VR Experience

The Eden Project is (virtually) heading to Venus, but still they stand tall.

Though in the real world the surface of Venus is far too hot and inhospitable for humans, that doesn’t stop us from taking a virtual trip to the second planet out from our sun by using virtual reality (VR). This is the latest experience being offered to visitors at the Eden Project.

The VR Venus experience is being presented as part of the Eden Project’s Expedition Space event, which will be running until the end of the summer. Eden have worked with Bristol-based VR company Zubr to create the experience.

Eden Project Venus 3

The Expedition Space VR experience takes visitors on a journey across Venus, starting out on a space base before heading to a rocket which will launch users into space and towards the fiery planet.

As a room-scale experience, users will be able to explore caves on the planet’s surface or walk across a bridge spanning a massive lava flow by simply walking around. The experience is accompanied by a custom soundscape which includes sounds of bubbling lava and the roar of rockets, all designed to change depending on where the player moves to.

Eden Live Programme Manager Kate Francis said: “This is a major development for Eden and we’re proud to be working with Zubr to bring this unique experience and exciting new technology to our visitors. VR is one of the most dynamic new forms of entertainment and this is an experience that people can only have at Eden this summer. Where else will you able to set foot on the surface of Venus?”

The new VR experience is custom-built and fully interactive, having been designed by Zubr specifically for the Eden Project. As such, cutting-edge technology is used, some of what, according to Zubr, has only become available in the past few months.

Eden Project Venus 3

The VR experience costs £5 per person, and is in addition to the Eden Project admission fee. Further details can be found on the Eden Project website. For future coverage of new and upcoming VR experiences, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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