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Upcoming Blockbuster Movie Skyscraper Gets VR Tie-In Experience

Customers at participating AMC Theaters will be able to try out a Skyscraper VR experience.

Universal Pictures will soon be releasing action film Skyscraper to audiences in North America, which will see Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson battle against terrorists who are trying to attack the tallest skyscraper in Hong Kong. To promote the movie’s release, a special virtual reality (VR) experience is being offered at selected locations.

Customers at certain selected AMC Theatres between 4th-8th July will be able to try out a special VR experience that lets users re-create the terrifying leap that Johnson performs during the film.

The short promotional VR experience is being presented by RealD3D and powered by HP technology. According to Twitter, Dwayne Johnson himself has tried out the VR experience that challenges users to see how they do in trying to re-create a death-defying leap off a crane.

Skyscraper stars Johnson as a former FBI agent and amputee named Will Sawyer who lives in a skyscraper is Hong Kong called The Pearl. Renowned for being the tallest building in Hong Kong, The Pearl has also acquired a reputation as being very safe, containing several floors have have their own society.

The reputation of the skyscraper is challenged after an attack by terrorists. Sawyer attempts to fight back, only to find himself framed for starting the attack, and subsequently finding out that his family have been trapped in the upper floors of the building.

Johnson admitted on Twitter that he failed the challenge presented by the VR experience, and encourages people to go try it out for themselves and exhorting them with the words: ‘Don’t look down!’.

The VR experience will be available at selected AMC theaters from 4th-8th July, a list of participating locations can be found on the official Skyscraper movie website for users in North America. Skyscraper is due to be released on 13th July, 2018.

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