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USA Today Bring Augmented Reality Features To Their App

Users can experience interactive AR features directly within the USA Today news app.

The internationally distributed American daily, middle-market newspaper USA Today has announced that it is adding a range of augmented reality (AR) features to it’s USA Today mobile application. These will allow for users to experience a range of interactive AR experiences from directly within the app, expanding the content that the news provider is able to offer their audience.

USA Today have embraced both AR and virtual reality (VR) multiple times already with the release of content such as the 321 Launch app which gave users interactive coverage of the Falcon 9 launch in AR earlier this year. They even produced a VR experience entitled The Wall which showcase life along the US-Mexico border back in 2017. The USA Today Network even launched a VR news show back in 2016, so the addition of AR features to their main mobile application is no real surprise.

It was in the 321 Launch app that many interactive AR features were first made available to USA Today’s audience and now some of those features will come to the main app. “We’ve been bringing new storytelling experiences to our audience, and allowing them to engage with our content in new ways through new interactives, virtual reality, and now augmented reality,” said Ray Soto, Director of Emerging Technology. “We’ve seen strong engagement within 321 Launch, and now want to share that experience with our USA TODAY mobile app users.”

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The app, which is available on both iOS and Android devices, offers users a chance to not only stay up-to-date on all the latest news and coverage from USA Today but also enjoy a range of additional content. This includes the latest breaking stories, up-to-date weather reports, scores from the latest sports matches, market stocks and even some puzzles for users to play around with as well.

The newly added AR functionality is available today in the latest update of the USA Today application on iOS devices with the features set to come to Android devices soon. VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on USA Today’s ventures into immersive technology in the future so make sure to stay tuned for more.

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