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Virtual Kittens Everywhere in Early Access Title Kitten’D

Try and keep cute kittens happy and out of trouble in VR resource management title.

Cats and kittens seem to comprise about half the internet, mostly because everyone can use some adorable cute in their lives, especially after a stressful day. Developer Star Vault AB invites you to forget your worries by taking care of a multitude of cute kittens in Kitten’D.

The object of this virtual reality (VR) is deceptively simple – take care of cute kittens. However, there are lots and lots of kittens to deal with, who need to be kept happy or they will start wrecking things, in the nature of bored kittens.

Players will find themselves in a bright, shiny white environment. A mysterious box sits on the floor, which bursts open to reveal a whole lot of kittens. These cats need to be fed, entertained and kept out of trouble. Players will get points for making the kittens happy, and lose points for anything they destroy.

The Early Access version has four different cat breeds, with all the different breeds having their own characteristics and quirks. This is planned to be upgraded to seven breeds in the final version. The controls have been described as ‘easy-to-master’ as most functions need only two buttons, reducing complexity.

For players who want a more relaxing experience, the sandbox mode lets you just hang out with the kittens without needing to worry about the score.

The development team are currently gathering feedback from the Steam community on the title and are hoping to have a full release ready before the end of the year. The full version is planned to feature more levels, more customisation and better AI and movement for the kittens.

The development team say that the core mechanics are in place, with two out of the planned four worlds completed, but they plan to devote plenty of time to polishing and bug fixing.

Kitten’D is available on Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, priced at £11.39 (GBP). Further information can be found on the Steam store page. As usual, further updates and news on other new and upcoming VR projects will be here on VRFocus.

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