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Virtual Weed Dispensary Blazing Onto A VR Headset Near You

A virtual cannabis dispensary lets customers examine cannabis strains in minute detail.

An increasing number of areas, states and countries have been relaxing regulations regarding cannabis in the face of mounting public pressure and a growing body of scientific evidence on its effectiveness for certain medical conditions. Canada is one of the places that is approaching legalisation, and Weed VR is positioning itself to take advantage of this.

Weed VR was originally created by Toronto-based company Occupied VR before being acquired by Biome Grow, a cannabis producer in Nova Scotia. The idea of the app is to provide customers with a virtual library of the various strains the company offers.

Cannabis comes in several varieties, each with their own characteristics and slightly different effects when consumed, depending on the amount of THC and CBD contained within the strain. Weed VR allows customers to use a VR headset to examine a virtual cannabis bud, which will show floating information about the strain, including its scent and taste profiles.

“Eventually, our business plan is to start scanning other company’s products and provide those data sets as embeddable content on their websites,” says Fezz Stenton, creator of Weed VR and technical director at Occupied VR.

The Weed VR experience is set inside a house which is surrounded by nature. Within, users ca roll, light and smoke a virtual joint by utilising a microphone set to detect inhalations and exhalations.

Of course, it isn’t possible to actually get any sort of high from the experience, but feedback so far has indicated that it is a relaxing, almost meditative experience.

Stenton says he believes that with the advent of legalisation, customers may eventually be able to buy directly from Biome Grow by attaching a credit or debit card to their account. However, the company intends for the app itself to remain free.

“Everything will be free for consumers and will be compatible with all headsets, including Gear VR,” Stenton said, adding that an AR version is also in the works.

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