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Arca's Path - Screenshot (E3 2018)

VRFocus Talk To Dream Reality Interactive About Arca’s Path VR

Learn more about this upcoming colourful virtual reality title.

The upcoming virtual reality (VR) title from publisher Rebellion and fellow British studio Dream Reality Interactive, Arca’s Path VR, continues to look colourful and interesting with every new drop of information. During the recent  Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2018 show, VRFocus’ Nina Salomons was able to sit down with Dave Ranyard, CEO, Dream Reality Interactive to talk about the upcoming title and learn more about the teams goals with it’s release.

The visually attractive title is a ball-rolling, physics-based platform title in which players go on an adventure to help a young girl return home to her own reality. Ranyard talks more about the setting for the title in the interview saying: “So there is a light story, there is no dialog or text, it is all done visually using inspiration from graphic novels and the story is about this girl who’s kind of down on her luck. She is living on a scrap heap and then somebody comes along and gives her this mask, and it’s like a route out of this scrap heap. And so initially it looks like it’s a wonderful opportunity but all is not as it seems and it could not be the best thing to do.”

Arca’s Path VR is intending to release on to most VR platforms which, as Ranyard explains in the interview, was part of the goal with the title from the start of the project. “On of the things we did was we thought ‘what can we do that would run on any VR platform’ and so the whole game is based on looking using gaze-based controls but it is a full physics 3D platformer where your guiding a ball around these different paths and solving puzzles and so on.”

Arca's Path keyArt

Players can expect to explore an umber of different locations within the title as each chapter will feature a different art style and offer unique challenges. Starting off easy and building up as the story progresses, Arca’s Path VR will ensure players are always pushing forward be it through platforms or puzzles. There are collectibles for those looking to get a bit more out of the title which, once all in a level have been collected, will then unlock a time trial mode too.

With the focus on being an engaging title along with offering a relaxing experience that offers a sense of escapism, players will surely find a reason to stay within Arca’s Path VR. The title will be releasing later this year for PlayStation VR, Steam VR, Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, and Samsung Gear VR. For all the latest on the title and to stay up to date on all things VR, keep reading VRFocus. You can see the full interview for yourself below.

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