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VRobot, Detached and The Persistence all Arriving This Week for PlayStation VR

There’s horror, zero-g combat and city smashing coming to Sony’s headset.

It may not seem like a bumper week for PlayStation VR owners with just three videogames scheduled to launch, but they do happen to be three titles worth a peek, VRobot, Detached and The Persistence.

The Persistence screenshot

Most PlayStation VR owners should already know about The Persistence, the sci-fi survival horror from Firesprite that’s exclusive to the headset. Players will have to work through a procedurally generated spaceship filled with their mutated crew mates.

Like any good survival horror, there are plenty of monster varieties as well as weaponry to dispatch them. As an added bonus, virtual reality (VR) players can invite their mates to help out via a companion mobile app to lure enemies, open doors, and disable traps. Or those friends can turn the other way and make the videogame even harder for the VR player. The Persistence will be releasing digitally on 24th July as will the companion app, with a disc version arriving on 25th July.

Keeping with the outer space, sci-fi theme but steering away from the horror element is DetachedOriginally released for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, with cross-platform compatibility, Detached has both single-player and multiplayer modes, with the main focus being the latter. Designed to offer plenty of movement flexibility in a zero-g environment – especially in the PvP combat mode – Detached looks great but isn’t for those who easily suffer from VR nausea.

VRobot screenshot

Originally Detached was due to launch for PlayStation VR on 6th July, for whatever reason that’s now happening on 24th July.

Finally there’s VRobot, a madcap, over-the-top experience which is all about laying waste to cities as quickly as possible. Another PC VR title making its way over to PlayStation VR, VRobot put you in control of a giant robot, with the only object being to destroy cites as fast as possible using an array of weaponry like the Lightning Hammer, Transformer Sword, Tornado Gun and Tractor Beam, or even just with your own fists.

If any other titles do decide to make an appearance this week for PlayStation VR, VRFocus will let you know.

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