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Wakanda Makes an Appearance as a Playable Location in Marvel Powers United VR

Two locations have now been added to the roster.

Yesterday Sanzaru Games announced two new characters for its upcoming virtual reality (VR) title Marvel Powers United VR, villains Venom and Ultron. Today, there’s even more news about the videogame, with two new locations being added; Wakanda and Sakaar Arena. 


Set in the technologically advanced civilisation of Wakanda – where Black Panther was set if you’ve not seen it – this is an impressive looking locale, with towering statues, gleaming buildings, luscious vegetation and striking scientific laboratories to play through.

The second location Sakaar Arena will be known to most from Thor: Ragnarok, when the Thunder God crash lands on the garbage planet of Sakaar. Ruled by a being called the Grandmaster, Thor finds himself in the arena fighting Hulk. It’s unclear if Sakaar Arena will be part of the main story that players will have to fight through or be used in a different gameplay mode to offer further fighting options.

So far there have been several character reveals, with playable heroes and heroines like Captain Marvel, The Hulk, Rocket Racoon, Deadpool, Black Bolt, Crystal, Thor, and Black Panther all confirmed. As mentioned Venom and Ultron will be be making an appearance, most likely as boss characters to beat.


Check out VRFocus’ early preview of Marvel Powers United VR which said: “Marvel Powers United VR is part-FPS, part-MOBA, and with that looks to be an enjoyable experience for both VR newcomers and Marvel fans alike, but those familiar with the VR medium will have to wait and see if Sanzaru Games end up with just another wave shooter.”

Marvel Powers United VR is expected to be released on 26th July, 2018, with a price point of $39.99 (USD). The title is  available for pre-order now, with interested customers needing to head to the Oculus Store for further info. For further updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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