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Zero Caliber

XREAL Games Push Back Demo Launch of Zero Caliber to September

The studio is delaying the demo release to add further improvements.

At the beginning of the month virtual reality (VR) developer XREAL Games announced its second VR title, a military co-op first-person shooter called Zero Caliber. At the time the studio planned on releasing a demo for players to try in August, with a Steam Early Access release the following month. VRFocus has now learnt those plans have been pushed back a little.

Zero Caliber

XREAL Games had planned on releasing the demo this weekend, Sunday 5th August but that’s been delayed until early September.

In an email to VRFocus the team explained: “We would like to give players a demo that is polished and a great experience even from the very beginning, as such, we have decided to only have a closed Alpha version for now, and push the release of the demo (and with it, the progression-free version too) to around the beginning of September.”

Currently there’s no official date for the demo – likely depending on how the closed Alpha goes – and because of the knock on effect, the Early Access launch which was originally due to take place on 13th September will now be moved due to these alterations.

Zero Caliber

The screenshots XREAL Games has released so far do seem to showcase a promising looking shooter, featuring a story-driven single-player campaign (with additional co-op mode) as well as a realistic combat system. Zero Caliber’s realism extends from its gameplay through to the weapons, with players having to find cover, duck, crouch, sneak, peek around a corner, and clear obstacles with real-life movements rather than going in Rambo style.

While the weapons have been modelled on their real-life counterparts, each having its own unique reloading method as well as customisation options to make them even more lethal.

XREAL Games are the team behind another shooter currently in Early Access, sci-fi monster hunter A-Tech Cybernetic.  Released last year, the title has received a positive rating on Steam making it a good showcase for the studios’ talents.

As VRFocus learns more about Zero Caliber and when XREAL Games do plan on releasing the demo we’ll let you know. 

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