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Yulio VR Launches New Floorplan Navigation Feature

New floorplan layer means multiple scenes can be combines and explored with ease.

Yulio Technologies have announced the launch of their new Floorplan Navigation, which will enable users to add a floorplan later to their projects and link virtual reality (VR) scenes to points on the plan. This will allow for viewers of the floor plans to be able to become immersed within the viewing experience, providing greater content on how the floorplan looks and feels when built.


As Yulio’s technology is continuing to be used by the likes of architects, interior designers, construction firms, commercial furniture sellers and retailers, the new Floorplan Navigation will bring a new layer of functionally to their current and new client projects. Thanks to the companies technology, users are able to benefit from the near-instant creation of rich, detailed and immersive VR experience from 2D designs that have been created with any leading computer aided design program such as Sketchup, Revit, 3DS Max, and many more.

The launch of the new Floorplan Navigation feature offers designers the chance to link multiple scenes to a floorplan layer, giving viewers the option to explore complex projects with multiple scenes with ease. Viewers need only select one of the many dot points on a floorplan to be moved to that location and begin enjoying an enriched experience. This can be done with the users gaze in VR as well, meaning the whole project can be explored within a VR headset.

As projects created with Yulio’s Technology can be shared easily via web links and worked on in real-time thanks to Yulio’s cloud-based collaboration technology, the new feature goes hand-in-hand with their current production model and toolset.


By using the Floorplan Navigation feature to help with a project’s storytelling, designers will now find it easier than ever to tell complex stories and allow viewers to explore virtual spaces on their own without having to navigate them through multiple scenes or build custom locomotion systems. Once more, it offers a more immersive viewing experience, leveraging the power of VR to give viewers rich, detailed scene to explore.

The Floorplan Navigation feature is available now for all Yulio accounts including those on the 30-day free trial. Not long ago the company also launched their first VR focused interior design course as well, offering people to learn more about the uses of the technology within the field.

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