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ZapWorks Studio 5

Zappar Release ZapWorks Studio 5 [Updated]

More accessible and user friendly but still packing a lot of powerful tools for augmented reality content creation.

Zappar, the company behind the powerful tool and platform for augmented reality (AR) ZapWorks Studio, have announced the latest version. As part of the companies ongoing plan to make AR, virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) more accessible, affordable and scaleable, the company has packed this newest version of their software with a number of exciting features.

ZapWorks Studio 5

ZapWorks Studio 5 is described as the swiss army knight of creative toolsets, featuring a ton of features into the software package. From support for 3D models, timeline animation and scripting, 360 panorama support for video and images, ZapWorks Studio capable of having almost any task. In the new version, the team at Zappar have worked to improve the power of the software without putting any strain on performance of features. The aim is to balance exposing the greatest flexibility and feature-set, all while providing a delightful, accessible, and predictable creative experience for our users.

Some of the highlighted improvements and additions in ZapWorks Studio 5 include Actions. These make it possible to build interactive experiences in a visual way, without needing to learn or use scripting. Each of the components within ZapWorks Studio 5 expose a set of events and actions that allow for most typical use cases to be set up without a single line of code. This means that playing animations or launching websites can be set up and made possible all within a few simple steps.

ZapWorks Lighting

Dynamic Lighting is another new feature in ZapWorks Studio 5 which allows for dynamic real-time lighting for 3D models. Supporting a number of different materials and light sources, XR content has never looked so good. The import process for 3D models has also seen a number of improvements making it easier to bring models into scenes within ZapWorks Studio 5 and get them set up in no time at all.

ZapBox, an affordable MR kit that offers full 3D six-degrees-of-freedom (6DOF), sees full support with ZapWorks Studio 5 meaning building content for the kit is now much easier. Users will be able to preview content within a 3D view within the application and leverage the new Actions feature to build amazing MR content in no time at all. There is also an update coming to the ZapBox app soon which will improve tracking and support for controller triggers.


These are only a few of the many changes, improvements and new additions found within ZapWorks Studio 5. You can find the full release notes here and to download the application and start building content right away, here to Zappar’s website here. For more on ZapWorks Studio in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

Update: Since published, Zappar have supplied new images which have been added to the article.

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