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26 Rob Plays - Screenshot - Burger Making

26 Rob Plays Aims To Put Your Skills (And Friendships) To The Test Next Week

Take on everything from making ice cream and burgers to painting and putting out fires in this party collection.

It may be coming to the end of August and temperatures may be beginning to drop (or at least they should be for the Northern hemisphere) but that doesn’t mean there isn’t time for some good old-fashioned ice cream. Heck, when isn’t it a good time for ice cream? 

26 Rob Plays - ScreenshotWell, if you thought “when wearing a virtual reality (VR) headset” think that no more, because Adelaide-based developer Novus Res has just announced a new VR party title 26 Rob Plays which includes a variety of quick ‘pass-and-play’ VR mini-games including abstract painting, chopping wood, paper aeroplane throwing, dodging cannonballs and even the aforementioned preparing of ice cream.  (No, you won’t actually be able to eat your creations, the technology hasn’t reached that level yet. I’m sorry.)

Up to eight players can take on experiences such as:

  • In Put Out Fires, only you can prevent forest fires! And park fires. And grill fires.
  • Are you the next Picasso? You probably won’t find out in the Abstract Painting game, but hopefully you’ll still make a masterpiece.
  • Do you scream for ice cream? Out-scoop your competition in the ice cream mini game.

26 Rob Plays - Screenshot - Abstract Painting“From the outset we wanted to make VR a social experience. We wanted to bring people together using the newest technology to share their love of gaming and play, the way people do with board games and card games.” Said Novus Res’s Luke Wilson, Lead Developer on 26 Rob Plays.  “The other players get to sit and watch as other players jump around in VR, waving their arms and legs all over the place, it’s hilarious.”

The digital-only title is coming to the Oculus Store as of September 6th 2018. It’ll support the Oculus Rift and will be available for $9.99 (USD).  You can see a trailer for the title below.  For daily updates on all things relating to VR videogame be sure to follow VRFocus.


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