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Airbus Brings AR App IflyA380 to Android

After a successful launch on iOS, Airbus app for its flagship aircraft comes to Android.

At the start of 2018, aircraft manufacturer Airbus launched an augmented reality (AR) app called iflyA380 to promote its flagship aircraft, the double-decker A380. The original version of the app was only available on ARKit-compatible iOS devices, but now Android users will be able to explore the features of the Airbus A380 as well.

The app was created to allow travellers to discover flights and destinations that were served by the Airbus A380, which Airbus says allows customers to choose to begin their trip with a great experience on an advanced Airbus aircraft.

Android users will now be able to explore the benefits of the app, which includes the ability to check out destinations based on geolocation and personal interest, or look at an immersive AR experience of the cabin, cockpit and destination airport and even use virtual reality (VR) to explore the cabin.

The app has proved popular in the iOS market already, with over 40,000 downloads being reported since the app was launched early in 2018. The app was created as both a web platform and mobile app which could give customers access to all destinations and airlines that are served by the Airbus A380.

A booking service is included within the app, so users can easily search through more than 30 airlines which fly the A380 to discover a flight which is served by the aircraft and book easily via the app, before taking a virtual tour of the aircraft and having a look around the destination airport.

Speaking about the iOS version of the app, Marc Fontaine, Airbus Digital Transformation Officer said: “Response to the iflyA380.com website has been fantastic. The iflyA380 app is a new step for Airbus towards offering digital services that directly benefit consumers and allow them to design their own experiences.”

The iFlyA380 app relies on Google’s ARCore technology to work, so users will need a compatible handset running Android 8.0 or higher to use the app.

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